The Legend of Tabula Raisa (children's book)

This rhyming legend for children recalls Dr. Seuss classics. It provides the origin story behind the lead characters in Tabula Raisa’s travel adventure series, Excursions. Raisa is a lovable Spanish wonder girl. Hendrix is her faithful companion, a red fox. Ogul is a Turkish healer turned genie. The book begins with Raisa at home, wondering how the things in her home were made. The book ends with her being able to travel anywhere in the world to get answers.

The book links to the website where additional educational resources are located. There are fact sheets on each of the destinations ahead, photo and video galleries showing household objects being made, and back stories for each of the explorers and the ambassador-artisans who greet them on their travels.

Plug in your headphones to enjoy a complete audio reading (5:22).

In addition to the legend book, I commissioned a series of crocheted finger puppets in the likeness of the three leading characters. They are handcrafted by mothers in the Andean mountains of Peru using organic cotton, natural dyes, and no electrical power.

We even have a t-shirt for children.

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