Writing for websites is different than writing for print. For starters, readers use varying devices that limit screen size and re-package content. Attention spans are shorter when reading pixels versus printed ink. Links and advertising can easily steal eyeballs away from website pages. Of course, digital content can also be dynamic — as with RSS feeds, ecommerce, multimedia and applets. However, some websites are essentially modeled after an online magazine. There’s a compelling cover, headlines and subheads that tease into features, and advertising. In this instances, there is very little difference in how copy is treated.

For Navy Federal Credit Union, you can see my fingerprints in two areas — the main slideshow bit re: “Financial Confidence” and the teaser for "Rebel Against Rogue Investing," an article I wrote for the organization that was picked up by over 1,000 publications (LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, others) with over 80 million impressions. You can review these pieces under the Articles folder of my portfolio. I also wrote copy for several product pages, including the two you see here.

For Latista, I was involved in copy direction, drafting and editing for the website, mobile app, and social media (as part of a multi-year retainer with the organization). The overall development team was recognized for excellence and innovation by the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC).

For Tabula Raisa (, I handle all copy direction, drafting, and editing for the company. This has included mission, program descriptions, benefits, product offering, and much more.

For the NOVA BCA Pool League (, I provide all copy for the billiard league’s website and paperless scorekeeping app.

For Basement Detective, I wrote the copy for their main banner to outline their residential waterproofing services. I also wrote a series of resources for customers to better understand the problems they’re experiencing. I researched the geography of the region and how this contributes to flooding issues. I looked at how foundations are built and why they’re vulnerable to water. I describe the relentless pursuit of water to find relief points — and how often that means entering through a crack or porous surface in a foundation. Two final resources show potential entry points and the most common type of basement leak.

The following websites were mostly written for Gates Hudson, where I’m currently digital marketing manager. We manage apartment communities in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, Richmond VA, and Charles Town WV. The Cochran is a freelance project (Chicago IL).

The rest of the samples are projects where I worked within the constraints of the website build and wrote copy for various fields and teasers. That’s what you see as you click through the following pieces. Over time, some clients opt to bring copywriting in-house and others continue to outsource it to me.

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